Occupational Health Case Studies

Biennial Health Surveillance

Industry: Construction Supplies

Employee Role: Lift Truck Driver

OH Intervention 

Biennial health surveillance programme

Case circumstances  

  • Employee had been working in this role many years.
  • Health surveillance programme was introduced.
  • Employee’s blood pressure 220/124

Risks to employee    

  • High risk of stroke
  • Long term/permanent incapacity
  • Unable to work and earn salary in future

Risks to employer 

  • Accident in timber yard due to employee being suddenly unable to  control Lift Truck
  • Health and Safety enquiry by government officials
  • Sickness absence costs over a prolonged period
  • Claims on Medical Insurance Policies
  • Claim on Income Protection Policy
  • Cost of Ill Health Early Retirement (Pension Scheme)

Actions taken 

  • Employee suspended from duties
  • Employee provided with immediate treatment and follow on programme by his GP


  • Following treatment programme, employee was re-assessed and able to return to duties
  • Employee now managing his health
  • Some costs of short term absence to company (short term pay)
  • No long term costs or claims