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The approach to OH throughout Europe varies between different countries.  In some places OH is partly managed via state or insurance systems, whilst the service is provided privately in others.  Whilst, in some countries, employees do receive medical check-ups, they are not always based on occupational risk assessments.   Is important to establish what approach is required to avoid cost duplication or expenditure which does not achieve its objective.

It is Bcerta’s responsibility to ensure that all corporate medicals are carried out to an equivalent standard, whilst adhering to local regulations.  Let our international network of occupational health experts manage the complex web of regulations in different countries.

Our services are available throughout Europe including the following countries:

UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Gibraltar, Corsica and Cyprus

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