Core Services

Attendance Management


If an employee is absent due to ill health, or there is a health concern, it is important to establish the employee’s fitness to carry out their duties.

Bcerta will offer expert health advice and support which will independently assess the current and likely future health status of an employee.

Every case is assessed on an individual basis, however general outcomes will be reported to assist the individual to: –

  • Return to their normal job as soon as possible or advice on suitable and useful alternative employment.
  • Maintain them in that employment, possibly with adjustments.
  • Promote recovery, prevent further impairment and avoid permanent disability.
  • Ensure a smooth transition back to work, if they have been absent.
  • Enable the employee to re-identify himself/herself with the workplace and rebuild confidence.
  • Advise on disabled employees in the workplace.
  • Advise on retirement on the grounds of ill health

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