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Our operations are led by our Australian based Medical Director who manages a network of 240 OH doctors covering all of the country.

In addition to our range of Fitness for Duty medicals we provide Coal Board medicals, Oil and Gas (UK) medicals, Railway and Road Transport medicals. We undertake case management of return to work situations via our extensive resource network


Demand for Occupational Health is growing rapidly throughout the Asiatic region as modern industrialisation demands adherence to global social and corporate responsibility standards.  However, OH practice does vary between different countries.  It is Bcerta’s responsibility to ensure that all corporate medicals are carried out to an equivalent standard whilst adhering to local regulations.

Our services are available throughout Asia including the following countries:

China, South Korea, Japan, Sakhalin, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Fiji, New Zealand, India, Pakistan

We cover all main cities and our lead doctors in each country will manage all referrals to meet local regulations and deal with language requirements.

Management of our services throughout Asia is via a combination of our International Service Centre and Australian territory.  In the first instance please contact info@bcerta.com who will respond to your enquiry.

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