BENE Advanced Occupational Health Technology

Bene System


What is BENE?


A 21st century global OH company needed an enterprise IT platform to conduct its business.  Therefore, Bcerta developed BENE which manages the OH process from end-to-end.

  • Secure – BENE meets international security standards
  • Confidential – each user has their own log-in profile to see only the information to which they are entitled
  • Multilingual – BENE can be set up in any language for any client’s employees
  • Risk Analysis – once we have identified the occupation risks that employees face for each client workgroup, we build the assessment documentation into BENE
  • Process Administration – BENE enables efficient control of case routing, client caseload management and workload scheduling
  • Clients – via their dashboard clients can make a referral, track a case, receive case reports and collect management information
  • Employees – can provide answers to any questions re their medical history or collect their own medical reports
  • Clinicians – are provided with access to all data collected form the referral and the employee and follow the on-line instruction to complete reports in the agreed outcome format
  • Review – clinical reports come back to Bcerta ISC for review before being released to our clients
  • Benefits to Clients – improved reporting times, access to historical information run a range of MI reports at any time

To request more information, please call us on 00 44 141 243 2592 or email

  • For clients who prefer not to work on-line, we can operate a manual paper based system with reports uploaded to BENE for secure medical records storage.