Non Compliance with Corporate OH Policy

Non Compliance

Industry:  Engineering Consultancy (Europe/Africa)

Employee Role: Manager – regular travel around Europe and Africa

OH Intervention:

  • Periodic Fitness to travel and work abroad medical assessment

Case circumstances:

  • Next day Bcerta was advised urgently by our Laboratory of blood glucose of 18.5 – diabetes undeclared by employee
  • Against company policy, employee had travelled direct to Moscow
  • Advised to go immediately to Bcerta provider in Moscow and have HBA1C test carried out – employee refused to get treatment whilst abroad

Risks to employee:

  • Diabetic attack whilst abroad or on return flight

Risks to employer:

  • Unable to carry out duties
  • Bcerta was unable to issue Fitness for Duty certificate
  • Invalid insurance as company policy was based on appropriate medical assessment
  • Cost of medical evacuation

Actions taken:

  • Employee suspended and managed via 12 week programme to control blood and weight issues.
  • On return employee did have HBA1C test – result showed employee to have level of 80 (normal range 24-53) and confirmed Bcerta diagnosis of Type II diabetes.


  • Employees now under GP care to manage situation