Corporate Case Study – Return on OH Investment

Return On Investment – Telecoms


  • Telecoms – call centres, engineers, road diggers/overhead linesmen
  • 13,000 staff
  • New HR policies/new approach to occupational health
  • Good information
  • Early intervention with absence cases, especially psychological and musculoskeletal which can become long term
  • Work with Insurers – early reporting of cases for therapy/treatment – e.g. physiotherapy, counselling


  • Savings
  • PHI Premium £700,000 – insurer reduced Permanent Health Insurance premiums due to reduction in claims ratio
  • Absence £1,400,000 – company had excellent systems to record absence data and causes. HR worked with OH to ensure that appropriate referrals were made to manage cases early and consistently
  • Total £2,100,000
  • Expenditure on OH
  • £230,000

Return on Investment 9:1