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Health Promotion / Executive & Lifestyle Screens


Health Promotion

Health promotion is designed to address and improve the population’s health while at work.  The ultimate goal of health promotion is to improve the overall health and Fitness for Duty all employees – both in the short and long term – and to ensure that each individual remains able to provide productive service.

Bcerta can advise, develop and co-ordinate events, leaflet and poster campaigns, deliver seminars and provide health checks e.g.:- 

  • Executive Health Screens

Offer senior staff the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive, doctor led screen at one of our medical centres to monitor and protect their health.  The screens will include a range of blood/urine tests, medical examination and a report tailored for each executive.

  • Lifestyle Health Assessments

Offer Lifestyle Health Screening, which can be carried out on clients’ sites to all employees.  The protocol and length of the screen can vary from 15 to 45 minutes and this can be a very cost effective way of providing a valuable benefit to the wider workforce.  Elements of this screening can be added to the health surveillance assessment.

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