Core Services

Occupational Health Needs Assessment


All multinational corporations face the difficult challenge of managing OH to meet agreed standards in a coordinated and cost effective way. Without working to corporate standards, local entities are likely to operate varying medical protocols and, often, unnecessary or over complicated medicals are carried out at high cost or the medical is insufficient to meet its objectives. Further, small local populations and lack the concentration of knowledge of how to manage a service lead to inefficiencies and a total lack of comparable information to develop future strategy.

Our Programme Includes

  • Review of corporate OH objectives
  • Risk analysis for each employee group
  • Recommendations for future OH requirements in each client operating country
  • Identify gaps between current practice and future objectives
  • Assess and advise on management systems
  • Produce and present a report which will identify:
    • Compliance requirements/failures
    • Immediate OH priorities
    • Future priorities
  • Maximise cost savings and return on expenditure on OH

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