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We provide occupational medical services and management systems to some of the world’s largest companies.

Benefits of Occupational Health

Fit and healthy workers are more productive. By investing in Occupational Health, companies will experience the following benefits

  • Better staff productivity
  • Reduced absences and staff costs
  • Reduced Life and Health Insurance costs, Worker Compensation claims and lower insurance premiums
  • Compliance with Corporate and Social Responsibility policies

Key Challenges Managing OH for International Companies:

  • International Corporate Policy v Local Regulations Compliance
  • Consistent Medical Standards
  • International Data Protection and Anti-discrimination Legislation
  • Management Systems
  • Local Delivery of Medical Assessments especially in Emerging Markets
  • Cost Control
  • Management Information Reporting

Cost of Running Multi-country OH Services

There are many hidden costs of running an in-house Occupational health service over multiple countries, including:

  • Ineffectiveness through lack of concentration of knowledge
  • Process difficulties via multiple systems and lack of data consolidation, best practice, common reporting and results validation
  • Inefficiencies from multiple parties, small scale, practice variation and overcharging by local vendors
  • Costs of systems maintenance, training, quality assurance, data management, vendor management

Typical Client Requirements 

  • OH applies to every industry but especially those with key workers exposed to risks such as:
    • Physical, Ergonomic, Chemical, Biological
    • Special risks such as Lead, Asbestos, Silicosis, Radiation
    • Office workers working on computers
    • Psychological risks including stress
  • Clients with staff involved in:
    • Safety critical activities such as driving, machinery operation, diving
    • Travelling and working abroad
  • Clients with an international profile and multi-country operations
  • For clients with internal medical resources, e.g. Medical Director, Bcerta can configure our systems and medical services delivery to operate partially in-house and partially outsourced.

Bcerta Occupational Health Service Delivery

Global Management

  • Bcerta ISC (International Service Centre) is based in the UK and manages our international network of OH providers in multiple countries
  • From here we work with clients to agree occupational health requirements and set standards and protocols
  • Our International Doctor Panel (IDP) is a group of international OH experts who provide guidance to manage complex medical cases

 National Management

  • We operate an international network of Territory Managers who manage our services throughout various countries
  • They ensure that local regulations are met and deal with language and cultural issues which apply to any country

Local Service Delivery

  • In each country, we have a network of local clinicians who will provide the medical assessment in accordance with our standards
  • They provide local access for employees’ convenience

Benefits of the Bcerta Solution

  • Compliance via central OH standards being applied universally
  • Efficiencies through one on-line system to manage and report each employee’s Fitness for Duty
  • Costs reductions:
    • Internal staff savings by reducing the need for OH management in multiple countries
    • Management of local vendors to eliminate unnecessary medical assessments and overcharging
  • Management Information:
    • Compare employee health results across the business sections
    • Enable regular review of the effectiveness of OH strategy
    • Determine future deployment of OH resource to best effect

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