Occupational Health Case Studies

Periodic Fitness For Duty

Industry:  Petrochemicals (USA/Africa)

Employee Role: Security Manager in desert environment.  Responsible for safety of others. Site open to attack by terrorists.  Previously, employee had been certified as Fit for Duty by his personal GP

OH Intervention:

  • Independent OH periodic Fitness for Duty medical carried out

Case circumstances:

  • BMI (Body Mass Index) 51, high blood pressure and blood abnormalities

Risks to employee:

  • High risk of heart attack, Long term/permanent incapacity, inability to earn future salary

Risks to employer:

  • Unable to carry out duties
  • Cost of medical evacuation
  • Failure of responsibility to provide safety systems for other employees

Actions taken:

  • Employee suspended and managed via 12 week programme to control blood and weight issues.


  • Employee able to return to duties with temporary Fitness for Work certificate which is renewed subject to health condition improving
  • 5 years later, employee has much improved health with a reduced BMI.