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Partnership Services

Clients may already have employee support services in place and Bcerta will work with chosen partners as appropriate.  If not, Bcerta complements our in-house services by providing a range of services via our trusted partner network including the following:

Psychological Support


Individual employees face many difficulties at work and in their daily lives and relationships and these can wear down their resilience and lead to reduced performance in the workplace.  Bcerta can arrange counselling for an employee who is struggling with stress or psychological problems.

Incidents such as serious accident or suicide within the workforce can leave colleagues traumatised and we can organise specifically trained psychological support to a group of employees

Physical Support/Rehabilitation


To help with recovery from physical injury,  we can coordinate services such as ergonomic assessments,  physiotherapy (physical therapy) and access to a range of recovery services.

 Remote Support


Often our clients’ employees are on remote assignment and we have special arrangements with trusted partners which provide comprehensive EAP services, family support, medical helplines, emergency medical support, security advice and repatriation.

Industrial Hygiene/Site Safety


We have specialist partners who will carry our on-site assessments of the risks that employees face in the workplace to evaluate, prevent and control those environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace which may cause sickness, impaired health and well-being, or significant discomfort among workers.

Drug and Alcohol Screens

We offer a range of tests based on samples of hair, urine or saliva via on a planned or call out basis to detect use of drugs or alcohol.

Should an employee require rehabilitation, we can introduce partners which specialise in treating serious addiction problems such as alcohol or drugs.

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